Tell The Time Lotto Board Game

Spending a bit of time indoors with a little one? Keeping them entertained on a rainy Sunday can be a real chore - but before the screen time gets out of hand, introduce them to this game. You can while away hours matching daily activities to the time, and learning both analogue and digital time-telling. This teacher approved game is a fun way to get them learning how to tell the time. 


  • Orchard Toys games 
  • Design: Tell The Time Lotto Board Game 
  • Perfect game for little ones 
  • An ideal way to spend time when playing outside is a no-go 
  • Players match the activity to the time 
  • Teaches both analogue and digital time 
  • Super friendly characters 
  • Teacher tested for fun education 
  • Assembly: None
  • Materials: Card
  • Ideal for 2-4 players
  • Recommended for ages 5+ years 
  • Country of origin: Britain