The Complete Guide to Weight Loss

The Complete Guide to Weight Loss
ISBN: 9781472903174
Publication Date: 9 October 2014

In the Western world, over 50% of the population is categorised as overweight or obese. Many people join a gym or employ a personal trainer because they want to lose weight. The obesity epidemic is continuing to grow, and more clients are being referred to fitness professionals to help them lose weight - and these clients often have very complicated relationships with food and exercise.

The difficulty for instructors and clients alike is that the weight loss business has brought with it a wealth of data and information to try to sift through, ranging from good evidence-based research to extreme fad diets. Few know who to trust or where to start.

This guide cuts through the myths and provide straightforward, down to earth advice that is not biased and can be easily implemented. There is no single solution to weight loss, and each person's journey is different. This book is a toolkit of resources - a one stop shop - to use to help each individual achieve their goals and make weight loss a reality.

The Complete Guide to Weight Loss takes a holistic approach - demonstrating how changes to.mindset, diet, lifestyle and exercise routines can all be used to lose weight safely and effectively. This is a practical book - and includes goal setting forms, exercise tests for clients, example food diaries, healthy food ideas, recipe ideas, functional and effective exercise programmes and links to additional resources.

This is the most comprehensive yet understandable book on weight loss available to fitness professionals and their clients, packed with simple, down to earth and easy to apply research-based advice for a sustainable routine to lose weight safely and effectively.