The Diaries of Robin's Toys 10-Book Collection by Ken Lake & Angie Lake

The Diaries of Robin's Toys tells the stories of second-hand toys that Grandad buys for his grandson Robin. Grandad has a magical power that he uses to make the toys tell their own stories. They soon discover that the older the toy, the more interesting its story could be...


  • Title: The Diaries of Robin's Toys Collection 
  • Author: Ken Lake and Angie Lake
  • Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing
  • Set includes:
    • Bertie the Bee
    • Geraldo the Giraffe
    • Carlos the Cod
    • Gavin the Gorilla and Snuffles
    • Clarence the Camel
    • Taffy the Rabbit
    • Donkey Hoo Tee
    • Leon the Lion
    • Carla the Cow
    • Roger the Reindeer
  • Genre: Children's Books
  • Fiction 
  • Paperback 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 20.8 x 13.7  x 9.0
  • Comes in a slipcase