The Essential Poetry Collection 10-Book Set

This beautiful box set contains anthologies of poems by ten of the best-known poets from across the ages. Ideal for anyone interested in learning more about poetry or for those who have already enjoyed some poets but want to become familiar with more of the greats, this set includes the work of Shelley, Keats, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, Wordsworth, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, W B Yeats and Edward Lear.


  • Title: The Essential Poetry Collection
  • Author: Various 
  • Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Ltd
  • Set includes: 
    • The Poetry of Edward Lear
    • The Poetry of EB Browning
    • The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
    • The Poetry of John Donne
    • The Poetry of John Keats
    • The Poetry of Oscar Wilde
    • The Poetry of Shelley
    • The Poetry of WB Yeats
    • The Poetry of Walt Whitman
    • The Poetry of Wordsworth
  • Genre: Poetry 
  • Fiction 
  • Paperback 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 12.9 x 19.8 x 13.4
  • Comes in a box set