The Glider D-4 Afc (Adjustable Magnetic Force) Magnetic Window Cleaner For All Window Thickness 2Mm-40Mm


This advanced window cleaner is used to effectively clean both the interior and exterior of windows 2mm-40mm at the same time. You no longer have to move between inside and outside to get both sides of the glass clean.


You can now safely clean the outside of large windows that are wider than an arm’s length and on floors above ground level. Finally a product that allows you to get the job done without having to call upon a cleaning service for hard to reach areas.


Equipped with 4 squeegees made from natural rubber, powerful light-weight magnets, and a washable microfiber cloth, the Glider cleans and dries your windows in one go.


The advanced technology of this product ensures your glass is left sparkling clean with absolutely no streaks. About The Glider This outdoor glass cleaner is used to clean the exterior of windows while staying in the room. It actually cleans both sides of the windows at the same time with superior cleaning quality. There is no other safe and simple way to clean the exterior of large windows that are wider than an arm’s length and on floors above ground level.

  • Effectively cleans single or double glazed windows 2mm-40mm of thickness.
  • The microfiber cloth can also be used to scrub very dirty windows. The cloth can be washed 300 times without losing its high cleaning properties.
  • Only streak-free window cleaner fitted with 4 squeegees (2 on each side).
  • Powerful light-weight rare earth magnets.
  • The power of the magnets will not reduce over time and the rubber squeegees will not wear out either.
  • Excellent no streak glass cleaning quality, with double action of cleaning and drying in the one go.
  • Effective for double glazed windows, 0.8″ Up To 1.1″ \ 20-28 mm, thickness.

How To Use?

  • Spray cleaning solution on both sides of the window. Hold the larger part of the cleaner on the window inside, then place the smaller part on the outside window.
  • The magnets will hold the two parts tightly together with the windowpane in between them.
  • Start gliding the cleaner at the top of the window horizontally, from one side of the window to the other, back and forth, until reaching the bottom of the window.
  • For very dirty window panes, first, apply the special microfiber cloth to scrub off excess dirt.
  • You can then use the microfiber cloths for a finishing touch to remove extra cleaning fluid from edges and polish the glass.
  • Once you have finished cleaning and want to store the Glider away, replace the plastic spacer in between the two halves of the Glider.

Package Content:

  • 4 natural rubber squeegees
  • 2 Microfiber cloths
  • Safety string to ensure secure attachment of product parts
  • 4 powerful rare earth magnets