The Hulk Incredible Dad Men's T-Shirt

Your dad can get a little...intense. Remember when you were playing baseball, and the pitcher cracked your collar bone ;with a wild fast ball? Ten seconds later, the bleachers flew over the fence -- it took 47 hours to ;dig out the pitcher. Who threw the bleachers? That would be your father -- after the "accidental" exposure to highly experimental Gamma radiation, his anger tends to manifest as something massive, green, and positively intolerant. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, our ; Hulk Incredible Dad Men's T-Shirt features a classic, purposely distressed image of the incredible Hulk set against the radiation symbol. This heather-green Hulk t-shirt for men also features the following words in bold, equally scratchy text: "INCREDIBLE DAD." Because he does incredible things that occasionally result in stand-offs with the National Guard.