The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser - 125 mL

A deep penetrating balanced cleansing balm enriched with jojoba beads that release intensely nourishing esters to gently exfoliate. Our beads are 100% natural, solidified jojoba that is completely safe and eco friendly. Vitamin C rich quandong, aloe vera and vitamin E deeply cleanse without stripping skin of its natural oils. Jojoba's natural cleansing and moisturising properties leave the skin clean, soft and luxuriously hydrated.

KEY ACTIVES: - 100% natural Australian jojoba - powerful antioxidant, naturally contains vitamins A, D & E and omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids, naturally hydrating, carries nutritious plant actives deep into skin

  • Aloe vera - soothing, calming
  • Witch hazel - calming, toning
  • Quandong - high in vitamin C, nourishing
  • Melon - natural alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliating

Usage: 1. Apply gently over the face to cleanse in a circular motion. 2. You will notice the beads will gently exfoliate and dissolve to add more moisture to the skin. 3. Rinse with warm water. 4. Can be used daily as a 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliator. 5. Follow with a cream from The Jojoba Company.

Step 1: Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser (All Skin Types)
Step 2: 100% Natural Australian Jojoba OR 100% Natural Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion (Optimal for age defying)
Step 3: Hydrating Day Cream OR Moisturising Protective Day Cream SPF15 OR Intense Overnight Renewal Cream