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THE NEW AVENGERS VOL 6 By Bendis Brian Michael Hardcover

Ring in the Dark Reign as Luke Cage's baby girl goes missing, kidnapped by a Skrull on the loose - and the former Power Man will do anything it takes to find her! Next, it's an all-out, hero-vs.-villain extravaganza as the New Avengers get their game face on to take down new top cop Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers - but the former Green Goblin has a chilling surprise up his sleeve! Then, Doctor Strange returns, and the search for his successor begins - but will it be the end of the Avengers? Desperately seeking the inheritor of his power, he reunites with his teammates to discover the anointed one before someone else - someone evil - stakes their claim for mastery of the mystic arts!

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Product Identifiers ISBN-10 0785156488 ISBN-13 9780785156482

Key Details Author Brian Bendis Number Of Pages 256 pages Format Hardcover Publication Date 2011-06-15 Language English Publisher Marvel Worldwide, Incorporated Publication Year 2011

Additional Details Volume Number Vol. 6 Illustrated Yes