Think Fun Balance Beans

Going up and down on a Seesaw is a lot of fun and with the Balance Beans logic game you’ll certainly be entertained trying to keep your Beans balanced! Carefully placing the colourful Beans on the seesaw to keep it from teetering is great fun but this game also enhances your logic skills and when you finally balance the seesaw you are actually balancing an equation too! This single player Bean-filled logic game comes with 40 Challenge Cards ranging from Easy to Super Hard, to ensure that it is a test for even the most logically minded person! Each Challenge Card also carries the solution on the reverse but without looking at the card you will know you have won the challenge when the seesaw is balanced! Balance Beans, a game suitable for ages 5 and over, is a great fun puzzle but underlying the play is a fundamental principle of physics. The further out a weight is from the centre of the balance the more downward force it exerts onto the seesaw. This allows parents to work together with their children to solve Balance Beans challenges using Maths, algebra to be precise! Of course, it isn’t necessary to use algebra to solve these challenges but playing Balance Beans is so much fun that youngsters will welcome a little maths mixed in with their playtime! Successfully balancing the seesaw is a fun way to sharpen problem-solving abilities through play but as the challenges get harder youngsters are less likely to rely on trial and error and more on maths and logic reasoning.