Tiamo Ghost Brew Bar and Espresso Coffee Dosing Scale

Tiamo Ghost Scale

The Tiamo Ghost Espresso Scale HK5020 is specifically designed to thrive with espresso brewing, featuring 5 professional modes and a water-resistant body that can be used directly under your espresso machine's portafilter.

Enhance Espresso Mode

This mode automatically times espresso shots when dripping is detected. At first, the scale weighs the espresso cup or shot glass. Once 1g of espresso has fallen, the timer will start automatically and stop once espresso flow is no longer detected.

Auto Espresso Mode

This mode automatically times espresso shots once the weight of an espresso cup or shot glass is measured. Once the scale auto-tares the vessel, the timer will start automatically (won't wait for espresso to drop).

Espresso Mode

This mode auto-tares with espresso cups or shot glasses and automatically starts the timer when 3g of espresso are detected. Once the espresso stream halts, the timer will stop automatically.

Hand Drip Mode

Automatically tares brewing equipment, but detects when you're pouring water. Timer function is manually started.

Manual Mode

Timer and weight functions are completely manually controlled.

You can easily calibrate the scale by pressing the Timer Reset Button until “CA1000” is displayed. When “dL1000” is displayed, add a 1kg weight to the platform and the scale will recalibrate. The scale's battery can be recharged via any micro-USB cord.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Tiamo Ghost Scale
  • 1 x Mirco USB Charging cable