Tipover Board Game

Tipover is a unique and innovative crate-tipping game and is challenging and fun for kids of all ages. Tip your way to the red crate and you win. Select a challenge card and place the crates solid side down on the game grid and place the Tipper Man on the crate marked by the Tipper Man symbol. Tip the crates along the grid lines to create a path for the Man to travel to the red crate. The Tipper Man can only travel by climbing or walking from one adjacent crate to another. Be careful: A wrong tip can strand the Tipper Man or box him into a corner. When the Tipper Man reaches the red crate, You win.

The game contains 40 challenge cards ranging from beginner to expert--only you control your fate by tipping over the right crate. If you get stuck, flip the challenge card over and look at the first move in the solution sequence. This will give you a place to start as you solve the challenge. This game will delight problem solvers at any skill level. This game makes an ideal travel game as it comes complete with a Game Go Bag so you can play anywhere, anytime. Tipover can be enjoyed by single players and suitable for 8 years and up.

Tipover Contains

  • 40 x challenges & solution
  • Instructions
  • 10 yellow crates
  • 4 x green crates
  • 2 x blue crates
  • 1 x red crate
  • 1 x tipper man
  • 1 x game grid
  • Game Go bag

Tipover Board Game

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