Toffle Towers 1: Fully Booked Book by Tim Harris

Toffle Towers has been run by a Toffle for more than 100 years - but this is the youngest Toffle yet! Jump into the Toffle Towers series with this first book, and laugh as 10 year old Chegwin Toffle transforms the quiet and dowdy hotel into a destination for kids and their family. This delightful romp is perfect for middle readers, aged 9+ years.


  • Title: Toffle Towers 1: Fully Booked 
  • Author: Tim Harris 
  • Publisher: Penguin Puffin 
  • Genre: Young readers/children's books 
  • Fiction
  • No. of pages: 272
  • Black and white 
  • Paperback 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 19.6 x 13.0  x 2.3