Toki Doki Girls Showbag w/Backpack/Clutch/Slippers/Nail Sticker/Pen/Cosmetic Bag

SKU: 20543

Check out the cute new Tokidoki showbag, ; inside you get slippers, backpack, cosmetics case, clutch, notebook, keychain, badges, nail stickers, and a handy tote bag

Showbag contains

Size: 42x34x13cm
Weight: 212g

Size: 13.5×8.5cm
Weight: 15.5g
Set of 6

Clutch Purse
Size: 23x12cm
Weight: 34g

Cosmetic Bag
Size: 25x17x8.5cm
Weight: 66g

Gel Pens
Size: 21×7.5cm
Weight: 40g
Pack of 4

Nail Stickers
Size: 21×7.5cm
Weight: 40g

Size: 28×20.5cm
Weight: 90g
16 Lined Pages

Key Ring
Size: 15.5×9.5x1cm
Weight: 16g

Size: 27x11cm
Weight: 80g

Non Woven Bag
Size: 40x38x11cm
Weight: 55g