Tonymoly Timeless Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser 150ml Tony Moly Daily Cleansing

What it is

Foam Cleanser containing 20% gold tea ferment snail filtrate which soothes the skin

Adds moisture to the skin for smooth and radiant skin

Snail is know to have anti-wrinkle and regenerative properties while antioxidants and fermented gold tea water soothe sensitive skin and restores the skin barrier

<pre class="content">``<pre class="content"><b></b>``<pre class="content">``<pre class="content">``<pre class="content"><br></br>~1 x [TonyMoly] Timeless Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser 150ml shipped~

*Colours and swatches may vary from pictures due to differences in screen monitors and individual lip/skin/hair pigmentation and undertones.

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