Triple Stackers Breeding Bird Parrot Cage Aviary Cockatoos

The Triple Deck is an exceptionally versatile cage for people with multiple birds. The secret to this unique cage is the panels separating the cages can be removed!


  • Large front access doors makes placing and removing your bird an easy task!
  • Includes 5 Stainless Steel feeder bowls in each cage. Total 15 stainless steel bowls
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning and waste removal.
  • Removable bottom and top grates for easy cleaning.
  • Swivel larger feeder cups and Swing out feeder doors for side cups.
  • Sturdy casters for easy moving.
  • Includes 3 perch for your birds enjoyment.
  • Improved knockdown design. Easily breaks down into a small box for easy transportation and storage.
  • Features Parrot-proof latch on all doors.
  • Cage features both vertical and horizontal bars for your birds climbing pleasure.


  • 2020(H)x 915(L)x635(W)mm
  • Bar Spacing: about 1.3cm
  • Wire Gauge: 3mm
  • Door Size: 285(W)x400(H)mm
  • Slide out tray: 3
  • Slide out grate: 6 (3 top+3 bottom)
  • Access Doors: 3
  • Feeder Cups: 15
  • Swivel cups diameter: 15cm
  • Side cups diameter: 10cm
  • Weight: about 60kg
  • Ideal for: Congo African Greys - small Cockatoos - Amazons - Conures and any similarly sized birds