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Tru-Band VHF "Black Arrow' 4G Antenna - HILLS


Tru-Band antennas are a revolutionary new VHF Only (Band3 or Block A)antenna for Australian capital cities that have been designed for the digital-only TV environment.

Hills understand the potential for 4G/LTE interference with its range of Tru-Series antenna's in certain installations areas and conditions.

Supporting our product Hills are introducing a range of products which are included with 4G filtering on selected Tru-Series Antennas allowing you the best performing installation and system possible regardless of location or 4G proximity.


  • Designed for the precise digital frequency bands for true HD performance
  • BoomLock manufacturing technology - patented by Hills
  • Sensational all-black finish for low visual impact
  • New mounting clamp for quicker and safer installation
  • Channels 6 - 12
  • Matched balun for best MER performance and lowest insertion loss
  • Ultrasonically sealed balun prevents water ingress formaximum reliability
  • Strong mechanical construction
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fully designed and manufactured in Australia. Registered design

4G Filtered Customer Benefits:

  • To reject LTE/4G services that could cause interference with current Digital TV broadcasts
  • With one integrated product it will eliminate the needto purchase separately a in-line filter
  • greater than 50dB rejection of the LTE frequencies

These antenna's are most likely to be installed in a metropolitan location where the density of 4G/LTE usage will be at a peak and so the extra rejection of a filter will significantly increase the interfering signal attenuation. This has been implemented inside the standard balun housing with changes to the current PCB circuit/layoutetc. designed with an included on-board 4G/LTE (694MHz) low pass filter to prevent any type of out-of-band interference.


Channels 6 - 12 Gain (dB) 7 - 9 F/B Ratio (dB) 13 - 15 Connector F-type Balun PCB Ultrasonically sealed balun Yes Reflector Single element _