Trudeau Wave Cutting Mats Set of 4

Trudeau Wave Cutting Mats offer protection to your kitchen bench tops whilst brightening up your kitchen in the process. The set of 4 includes different sized mats given you a choice when preparing different ingredients. Each mat is flexible allowing you to use it as a cutting board and then when transferring food to a bowl, plate or pan you can fold the board into a funnel shape. The soft yet durable surface also slows down the dulling of your knife in comparison to harder cutting surfaces. The non-skid base keeps the mat in place during use and the Trudeau Set of 4 Wave Cutting Mats are dishwasher safe for convenience.
* Mats are flexible so that you can cut and then fold them in half to pour the ingredients into bowls or pans
* Prevents dulling to your sharp kitchen knives
* Colourful set brightens up your kitchen
* Non-skid base keeps the mats in place during use
* Dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning
Red: L43cm x W33cm, Yellow L37cm x W27cm, Green L28cm x W20cm, Blue L21cm x W15cm

Trudeau Wave Cutting Mats Set of 4

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