Truma Caravan Diesel Heater & Hot Water Heater Combi D6 Kit With Black Cowl

Truma Combi D6 is a powerful diesel heater that can also be used to heat water. It is especially suitable for larger motor homes.

Truma Combi D6 is extremely compact and an absolute lightweight compared to other heaters with a similar output. Your Truma Combi heater is controlled simply with a digital control panel. In combination with a Truma air conditioner, you can also select the automatic climate control option on the control panel. This ensures that inside the vehicle you always have the desired temperature.

  • **Versatile:**It is supported by a fan so that the motor home heater also works while you’re driving. In summer, you can heat just the water without using the space heater.
  • Convenient: Automatic climate control in combination with a Truma air conditioner.
  • Efficient: Extremely low power consumption allows for self-sufficiency.

Get yours today & Heat the caravan and water with just one device!


• Heating power: 6000 W
• Efficiency: approx. 90%
• Water capacity: 10 L
• E version with integrated electric heating elements (900 W/1800W)
• Time needed to heat water container (in summer mode): approx. 20 min.
• Power consumption for heating and hot water:
12 V: 1.8 – 7 A
230 V: 3.9 – 7.8 A
• Diesel consumption: 220 – 630 mL/h, 110 mL/h at 1000 W average heating power
• Dimensions: 525 x 450 x 300 mm (L x W x H)*
• Weight of Combi D6: 15.8 kg / Combi D6 E: 16.9 kg.


*Minimum installation dimensions (please ensure there is sufficient space for installation and service). Kit Includes:

1 x 33504-27 - TRUMA COMBI D6-KIT Diesel Heater with Hot water
4 x 40171-05 - Air Outlet
4 x 40241-01 - Clamp-Duct
4 x 40181-01 - Nut for Air Outlet
1 x 40040-29200 - Grill Air Intake
1 x 34400-02 - Wall Cowl WKCD Bianco - Black Cowl. ( Optional Colour: Cream Cowl is also available)

Truma Caravan Diesel Heater & Hot Water Heater Combi D6 Kit With Black Cowl


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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