Turmeric Twist Beef Bone Broth Concentrate + Collagen Peptides - Australian Made 395 grams

Our Turmeric Twist has been created to be a digestive boosting benefit for your bone and joints and well-being. Super Spice Turmeric, Ginger, Black pepper blended with the highest quality target formulated collagen peptide, all acting as building blocks in your well-being. This delicious Turmeric Twist B

Tasting Ideas: This golden bone broth is the perfect nourishing blend to boost your well-being. Blended premium beef bone broth, collagen peptide, turmeric and ground ginger, this spicy blend makes a nourishing bone broth beverage for any time. The amazing range of health benefits secretly captured in this warm satisfying pure bone broth beverage brings bliss for your body and soul.

Good For Everybody: High-quality natural bone broth is powerful in nourishing the body to help fight illness and build up the immune system. High protein content in combination with other essential nutrients helps repair the body, assist with faster recovery from injury, reduce digestive disorders, promote probiotic and prebiotic balance, increase collagen intake, promote healthy bone density and strength.

Good For The Mind: Gut health has a direct link to the brain, your gut health can have a direct effect on your mood as well as your general health. Amino Acids present in bone broth assists with improving sleep and reduce fatigue during the day. A building block of good health with key nutrients.

Good To Know: Our concentrated bone broth is made from the best Australian grass-fed beef. Our unique broth preparation method ensures all the valuable nutrient-dense goodness of the marrow leg bones are extracted and condensed into an easy-to-digest thick tasty broth. Each glass bottle is especially hot filled to ensure that the high nutrient value is captured, making each bottle fresh, shelf-life stable and safe for consumption.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Beef Bone Broth (80%) Beef collagen peptides, Ground Turmeric (0.7%) Ground Ginger and Black Pepper.

Serving Suggestion: Stir 1 teaspoon(10 gram) into 100 ml of hot water for an instant beverage. Stir through your favourite dishes to add a natural and nutritious flavour boost. Refrigerate after opening.

Special Notes: If pregnant or breastfeeding please seek medical advice before consuming.