Ultra Clean Spin Mop 360 Degree and Bucket Set - 4 Heads

Feeling tired of doing house cleaning? This Ultra Clean Spin Mop and Bucket will save you lots of time and efforts! Whether you are mopping on tiles, timber floor or laminate, this spin mop will give you a great hand and get your job done easier and faster! Featuring a 360 degree swivel mop head, stainless steel basket, reinforced and extendable rod, highly absorbent microfibre mop, detergent dispenser and built in drain outlet, everything you need to mop your floor would come in handy. With the convenient spin function, when you want to wash or drain the mop simply put it in the bucket and attach the mop into position then start pushing down gently. The spinning motion will then wash or drain your mop easily. As you finish cleaning, you may use the drain outlet to dispose the water without having to pour it out of the bucket. Order one today and see the difference!


360 degree swivel spin mopSimple operationTop spin design. No peddles, prevents tip-overDoes not require batteries or electricityHighly absorbent microfibre mopFlat mop head to increase accessibilityStainless steel basketReinforced and extendable rodDetergent dispenserBuilt in drain outletPull handle and wheels for increased mobilityColour: Black4X Mop head