Ultrasonic Bird Animal Repeller Pest Control Repellent

Drive pigeons, bats, rodents and other animals away from your garden or farmland with this bird repeller which is engineered by silent-to-humans ultrasonic sound waves in a various range. This animal repeller protects up to 70 square feet effectively and efficiently. The flashing LED lights will be switched automatically at night to frighten and repel the unwanted animals. Coming with a rechargeable battery power; this bird repelling system is durable for years of use. For your peace of mind, this pest repeller is harmless to the animals themselves.

  • 3 Frequencies
  • LED Function Control Display
  • Sophisticated PIR Ultrasonic Detection System
  • Repels Birds, Cats, Dogs, Racoons, Ferrets & Many Other Wild Animals

4xD 1.5V rechargeable batteries ( not included) ;

Frequency Model 1: 15.5KHz -19,5 KHz Repels animals such as large dogs, foxes,birds ...
Model 2: 19.5 KHz -23.5KHz Repels animals such as small dogs, cat, bird
Model 3: 13.5KHz-17.5 kHz Repels animals such as small squirrel? mice, small rodents, ...

Package Dimensions: (L x W x H) 55.8cm x 9cm x 7cm

Package Weight:

0.46kg approx.