Uniden DECT 3106 Additional Cordless Phone


No Landline... No Worries with the new Premium DECT 3106 Additional Cordless Phone to expand your existing DECT 31xx cordless phone bluetooth system.

Sporting Bluetooth Connectivity, this Cordless Phone System from Uniden enables you to dial and receive mobile calls conveniently via Bluetooth.

We've introduced a handy NEW feature to the DECT 31xx Bluetooth series - Blackout Power Failure^ Protection Feature. When a Power Failure occurs, the charged handset temporarily supplies power to the base unit. You can then make and receives calls using a handset.

The Optional Long Range Digital DECT Headset allows you to take hands free communication to a new long range level. This Long Range Headset achieves more than 10 x Talking Range of a traditional Bluetooth Headset – I deal for Small Office and Warehouse situations.

Premium DECT 3136 Bluetooth series even allows you to pair up to 2 Mobil