Introducing the latest in UHF Communications from the world leaders in wireless communication. The UH8060S is a remote head UHF Mobile with large LCD Display solution ideal for drivers of 4WD and Motorhomes where size is an issue. The Remote head unit can be mounted on the roof or dash of inside the vehicle and features Instant Replay allowing you to record and replay up to one minute of recent received signals ensuring important transmissions are not missed.

The UH8060S is the ultimate in compact UHF communications and built for rugged Australian and New Zealand conditions. Uniden's reliability and experience in UHF makes this unit ideal for the professional who needs to keep in touch with the outside world. The UH8060S offers the finest components, engineering and styling, just what you would expect from Uniden.

The latest innovation added to the Uniden UHF range, Master Scana technology, is designed to ensure minimal disruptions for continuous communication. This premium feature also has Dynamic Switching, which lets users retain constant communication by changing over to unused channels. This network scan function searches for other radios that share the same CTCSS or DCS tone. When the radio detects a signal with no code or an incorrect code, it switches to an unused channel when transmitting. By scanning only group channels, radios in the network will be able to detect and receive group transmissions, offering continuous communication without interruption.

Key Features - Designed and Engineered in Japan- 80 Narrowband Channels*- Mini Compact Size- Remote Speaker Microphone with built-in large LCD display- LCD Display with 7 Backlit Colours, Brightness and Contrast Levels- 5 Watt Transmission Power- Dual Speaker with Synchronised Volume- 2m Extension Cable- Signal Strength and RF Power (S/RF) Meter- Instant Channel Programming and Recall- Open Scan- Group Scan- Dual Watch- Monitor On/Off Function- Duplex Capability- Key Beep On/Off Function- Call Tone Function- Auto Squelch- Volume Control- External Speaker Jack- CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch system) and DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) Codes*Please note: in the Narrowband UHF CB Expansion 77 channels are available and user upgradeable for FREE when the ACMA Standard is published, see Uniden's website for details. In the Narrowband UHF CB expansions 77 channels are available for use. CH 22 & 23 are used for telemetry and telecommand applications, voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited.

#18km: Typical Range Line of Sight.