United Pets Cat Tube Blue

United Pets Cat Tube Blue

The United Pets Cat Tube Blue is a designer cat tunnel in a fun and bright turquoise colour that your cat will love. It is a soft and collapsible play tube with 3 entry holes for your cat to explore, with 2 attached dangling toys at either end of the tube to entice your cat to play. The key features of the United Pets Cat Tube Blue are:

  • Soft and fluffy for your cat s comfort.
  • 3 ways for your cat to enter and exit for maximum exploration.
  • Attached plush toys at ends of the tube for extra excitement.
  • Can be folded quickly for easy storage and assembly.
  • Dimensions: 26cm in diameter and 90cm in length.

The United Pets Cat Tube Blue is also available in Grey/Fuxia here!

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1999, United Pets works with designers to create original, high quality pet products. They are committed to these products being reasonably priced but at the same time highly functional and stylish.

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