UPPERCASE Genuine UPPERCASE GhostCover Touch Bar Track Pad Protector Macbook Pro 13" 2016+ [Colour:Clear]

Meet the GhostCover. A transparent layer of protection for your MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Trackpad.Made of premium matte, anti-glare film, the covers shield your device from minor scratches that come with daily wear and tear. And they do so subtly thanks to a near-invisible finish and a precision-cut design that affixes seamlessly to your bar and trackpad. With responsiveness top of mind, the GhostCover also features superior touch sensitivity.Each package contains two sets of easy-install protectors — a set for now and a set for replacement just in case.


  • INVISIBLE PROTECTION - The clear, anti-glare film acts as a shield against minor scratches while remaining virtually invisible.
  • TAILORED FIT - Precisely cut for MacBook Pros to deliver an easy-to-apply and seamless finish.
  • SENSITIVE TO THE TOUCH - Designed to be highly responsive, the cover features superior touch sensitivity.
  • ONE FOR NOW, ONE FOR LATER - Includes a replacement protector set in case your film starts showing excess wear.


  • UPPERCASE GhostCover Touch Bar and Trackpad Protector set for MacBook Pro 13 inch (Late-2016) - 1PC