USB and 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Socket (Switched) panel measures 130mm wide x 50mm high


  • A classy little panel! It features an on/off rocker switch under a protective tamper-resistant cover.
  • 16A rated - it will behave like a circuit breaker if current draw exceeds 16A, and can be immediately switched on again. The panel measures 130mm wide x 50mm high and will need approx.
  • 70mm behind the panel for wiring access.
  • The switch turns the power on to both the 10A cigarette lighter sockets and the USB sockets, of which there are 2, one 1A rated and the other 2.1A, both at 5V of course. There are no inline fuses fitted but you could reconfigure the wiring easily as everything connects by QC tabs. Mounting is via two countersunk holes 4mm dia.