USWE Disposable 0.5L Hydration Bladders (5 Pack)

Say Goodbye To Cleaning Hydration Bladders
USWE Disposable 0.5L Hydration Reservoirs are a great way to carry your hydration fluids on a big day out. The USWE disposable bladder method is fast, hygienic and convenient. Best of all these USWE Disposable Bladders are 100% recyclable too. Say goodbye to time lost cleaning reusable hydration bladders at the end of the day. Simply replace the used bladder with a new one and you'll be ready, set, GO!

Eliminate Nasty Bacterial Germs
If you regularly carry sport/energy drinks in your hydration packs you'll know what a pain it is to thoroughly clean the residue from your reservoirs each time. USWE believe it's far healthier for you to simply remove, replace and recycle the bladders instead. This eliminates the possibility of consuming nasty bacterial germs which may be lurking inside a refilled reservoir. Please note that for those who only carry plain water each time USWE says refilling is fine until the bladder begins to show signs of wear and should then be replaced.

Convenient And Affordable
Conveniently compatible with most brands of hydration backpacks, USWE Disposable Hydration Bladders are BPA-free and PVC-free so you'll always enjoy the clean, clear taste of your drinks. Sold in a handy 5-Pack they come also supplied with one standard cap (lid) and one disposable cap adaptor. They're even freezable. What a brilliant idea!

Box Contents
5 x USWE Disposable Bladders 0.5 Litres each
1 x Standard Cap
1 x Disposable Cap Adaptor

Disposable Bladder Cleaning