Vanessa Megan PH Balancing Petitgrain Cream Face Cleanser 180 ml

Better than your average face wash, Vanessa Megan lightweight, multipurpose daily cleanser removes makeup, excess oil and environmental pollutants while balancing the pH of your skin. Nourishing shea butter helps soothe the skin, while organic petitgrain and may chang tone and clarify pores, leaving you feeling hydrated, clean and fresh. The ultimate go to cleanser for all skin types. Vanessa Megan have had a lot of feedback from customers over the years about their original Petitgrain Cream Cleanser and have landed on this mildly scented formula gentle enough for all skin types. The biggest change they have made with this formulation is upgrading the natural preservative system to the high quality leuconostoc, a natural anti microbial preservative derived from fermented radish root.