Vicks Mini CoolMist Humidifier

Did you know that in winter, relative humidity can drop to as low as 10%? That's drier than the air in the Sahara Desert!

When the temperature dips, send Vicks to the rescue! Their Mini CoolMist Humidifier emits a flow of cool mist to raise humidity to optimum levels, improving breathing and sleeping conditions. Featuring Scent Pad technology to provide a soothing Vicks scent, the compact and quiet design makes it the perfect option for bedrooms, offices and other small rooms.


  • Vicks appliances
  • Model: Mini CoolMist Humidifier
  • Pack contents:
    • Humidifier unit
    • Sample VapoPads pad 
  • Emits soothing, visibile mist
  • Optimises conditions for better breathing & sleep
  • Low maintenance - no filters required
  • Vapour flow control
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Compact design for small size rooms
  • Auto shut-off when empty
  • Suitable for children under 2 years
  • Capacity: 1.9L
  • Run time: 20 hours (continuous)
  • Power: 220-240V~50/60Hz
  • Cord length (approx. cm): 185
  • Colour: White/Blue
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 25 x 19 (H x W)
A Bit About The Brand / More Info

Should a humidifier run all night?

Yes, it is safe to keep a humidifier running throughout the night. Keeping a humidifier on while you sleep can have multiple benefits, provided it is well maintained and operated according to the instructions included. Humidifiers should be cleaned every few days for optimal performance. Simply unplug the humidifier, empty the water, clean the interior and refill with water to keep your humidifer in prime condition.

How do you use a Vicks Mini cool mist humidifier?

Using the Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier is simple and easy. All you need to do is remove the tank from its base, fill it with cool water and twist the cap into lock position to ensure no leaking occurs. Then, place the tank back onto its base, turn the power knob to the highest setting and allow it to run until a comfortable humidity level is reached. At this point, you can adjust the knob to your desired level of vapour output. Your ideal humidity level should be between 40% and 60%. Ensure your humidifier is placed on a stable, level and water resistant surface, and direct the mist output away from the wall, furniture or bedding. Featuring Scent Pad technology to provide a soothing menthol scent, the Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier will run for up to 20 hours continuously.

What is a cool mist humidifier good for?

The Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier raises humidity to optimum levels for better breathing and more comfortable sleep, especially in wintry or dry weather conditions. The low maintenance design means no filters are required. Plus, with clever vapour flow control, whisper quiet operation and auto shut-off functionality when empty, The Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier is the perfect addition to small sized rooms, including bedrooms, offices and more.

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5 star rating

22 October 2017

Very happy with this. Though pads are not widely available.

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5 star rating

13 April 2020

These are great to humidify the room before l go to bed. I often use lavender oil (instead of the vicks oil) to help aid my sleep. Slightly difficult to clean.

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5 star rating

16 October 2018

Amazing! Helped so much when my partner and I were sick with the flu.

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5 star rating

14 December 2017

Suffering from sinusitis, and this gave me so much relief. The cool mist is so welcome in this heat.

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5 star rating

20 August 2020

Love the look. Has a good water capacity. Not too noisy. Nice cool air. Awesome for summer time. Would make the room cold during summer though. I used it in conjunction with a heater. Prevents colds if you have a fan heater coz of the heater’s dry air.

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