Victorinox Wavy Edge Bread Knife 21cm Black

One of the great pleasures in life is slicing a crusty loaf of bread to your preferred thickness and having control of the cutting action without rolling, tearing and squashing the fluffy interior. The **ultra sharp **wavy edged blade on this superb bread knife will give exceptional results, time and time again. The strong blade will hold its edge and the ergonomic grip is comfortable and secure to use

The legendary quality of Swiss-made Victorinox knives is valued by professionals in commercial operations around the globe; they are also a valuable addition to your essential home kitchen knife collection.****

Construction: Stainless steel Synthetic handle
Dimensions: 21cm
Features: Hardened, annealed and sharpened Extremely sturdy
Colour: Black handle
Cleaning/Care: Hand washing recommended
Warranty: Lifetime
Made in: Switzerland