VS Sassoon VSP6500A Digital Sensor Hair Dryer

Designed and engineered in Italy, the Digital Sensor Hairdryer promises the ultimate in hair protection. It's the intelligent digital dryer designed with Hair Protection technology for faster, healthier, styling. The Digital Sensor Hairdryer is crafted with Italian quality and intelligent design. The digital sensor maintains an optimal temperature of 70C, eliminating heat spots that damage the hair fibre. With an ultra-fast 208km/h, the smart digital motor automatically adjusts to an optimised airflow for a fast, salon quality finish.

The intelligence continues when the concentrator or diffuser is attached. The dryer senses the attachment and regulates temperature and airflow. Lock in your look with the Cold Shot.


  • Digital Sensor: Maintains an optimized 70C
  • Digital Motor: Ultra-fast, optimised airflow
  • Longer Life: 20x longer motor life compared to an AC motor
  • Peace of Mind: Italian designed and engineered
  • The intelligent digital dryer, with Hair Protection technology.


  • Watts: 2100 W Waveform element
  • Concentrator / Nozzle: 2 x concentrator nozzles
  • Volumiser / Diffuser: Yes
  • Light weight: Yes
  • EC Digital Motor: Use of magnets and electronics provide up to 10 000 hrs motor life vs 500 hours for a standard AC motor hair dryer.
  • Digital Sensor: Makes it possible to attain a uniform and constant temperature of 70oC on the hair surface during drying, without hot spots that damage the hair fibre.
  • High Ionic Technology: Superior ionic technology actively eliminates static and tames frizz.
  • Hair Protect Technology: Constant 70oC temperature and optimised airflow delivers optimal hair protection for all hair types.
  • Easy Control: * 2 modes: Low or High Speed settings. * True cold shot * Optimal 70oC temperature
  • Italian Made: Italian made and engineered. Backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • Professional Styling Attachments: 130mm Professional Diffuser for volume and natural curls 4mm x 75mm Super Fine concentrator for professional styling 6mm x 90mm Fine & Wide concentrator for professional straightening
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • UPC: 9338841010324