WACWAGNER 10X Metal Cutting Disc Cutting Disc Wheel

Product description

Our goal is to manufacture discs at reasonable prices, stable, fast cutting and long life. During testing of other discs on the market, we found that many places were not properly balanced during the manufacturing process, resulting in disc vibration, reduced efficiency, and reduced service life and cutting speed. In order to ensure that we provide high-quality discs, we have manually checked each disc and reached a perfect balance. After completing extensive product testing, we found that our discs are not only of high quality, but also outstanding in terms of speed and service life-spanning countless other brands.


Product features

100% brand new high quality

Long duration

Quick cut

Commercial grade products with excellent INOX quality


Product specification

Colour: Black

Size: 35.5*2.5*0.3CM

Weight: 0.65KG

Material: Brown corundum

Function: Metal cutting disc

Package Contents

Resin grinding wheel cutting disc*10