WACWAGNER 4x Dummy Fake Camera Surveillance CCTV Security Dome Camera Flashing LED Light


This virtual camera will protect your home and act as a deterrent to burglars.And it costs less than a regular camera, allowing you to prevent theft on the cheap.


This is Not a Functioning Video Camera.The Detector Sensor Makes it appear to work as an Actual Security Camera

Inside and Outside the Villa Install the Photograph Function the Bette Guard Role

Fantastic Value Dome Dummy CCTV Camera with Infrared Sense

These Indoor Dummy Dome Cameras can help protect your Home, Shop, Shed, Garage etc, They Look Exactly Like the Real Ones

No Motorize Pan Movement Flashing Red LED Light Realistic Appearance

Easily Install on Any Ceiling or Wall and is Ideal for Any Internal Area


Color: black


Monitor height: 75 mm

Camera lens diameter: 11 mm

Camera base diameter: 117 mm

;Package contents

4x Fake Camera