WAG Trail Mix Dog Treat 200g


Who doesn’t love variety in life, & that’s what your dog will get with the WAG Trail Mix Dog Treat 200g. Containing a delicious random assortment of Kangaroo, Beef & Pork treats the 100% natural treats have no nasty additives, chemicals or preservatives. WAG Trail Mix Dog Treat 200g are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes as well as maintaining your dog's dental health with its chewy texture which is great for your dog's teeth and gums.

100% Kangaroo, Pork, Beef Treats

1 x WAG Trail Mix Dog Treat 200g

Perfect for the indecisive dog

Containing a mixture of beef, pork & Kangaroo treats

Suitable for all dog breeds

Made from 100% natural ingredients

Protein country of origin Australia