Wahl BravMini Professional Cordless Trimmer - (Purple)

Wahl BravMini Professional Cordless Trimmer (Purple) - For Animals

This product has an AU/NZ plug.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, this is to be used on the face and paws only - NOT the body. This is a professional product for use by hairdressers and barbers only, in professional salon/barbershop environments only. ALL clippers need to be oiled with 3 drops of oil after EVERY use, and ALL trimmers need to be oiled with 2 drops of oil after EVERY use; for further instructions, please review the included instruction manual. Failure to do so, can damage the unit's battery, cause a pulling and/or heat sensation. This is caused by incorrect use and maintenance and is NOT a manufacturer fault. We will not be responsible for misuse of product, when products are used outside the environment they are intended to be used in. Product will not be replaced because of misuse.


  • Star blade with ultra-close cutting
  • Cool running; 100 minutes of cordless operation
  • Quiet, lightweight and low vibration
  • High grade durable steel


  • Professional Cordless Purple BravMini Trimmer
  • Charging stand base
  • Snap-on and off trimmer blade #30 -0.8 mm (1/32")
  • 5 position adjustable cutting guide (3mm to 6mm)
  • Blade oil, cleaning brush and instructions for keeping your trimmer ready to use next time


  • 230V
  • Snap-on/snap-off blade #30 -0.8 mm
  • 5350 strokes per minute
  • AU plug and charging base