Wahl Traditional Barbers Sampler Pack - 7 Products Pack - Professional Barber

Wahl Traditional Barbers Sampler Pack

N.B. Warranty (12 months on all electrical items) is to be claimed direct to WAHL AUSTRALIA; Please provide invoice or receipt as proof of purchase.

Disclaimer: This is a professional product for use by hairdressers and barbers only, in professional salon/barbershop environments only. We will not be responsible for misuse of product, when products are used outside the environment they are intended to be used in. Product will not be replaced because of misuse.

Sample the best of the Wahl Traditional Barbers range with this great mens barber pack. Presented in a retro hard case with handle, this makes a great gift! Treat your beard with a variety of Wahl Traditional Barber products that are also proudly made in Australia.

The Wahl Traditional Barbers Sampler Pack contains:

Bay Rum Aftershave 250ml

  • Refreshing aftershave lotion & stimulating scalp tonic
  • Classic old school menthol & aromatic spices scent

Hair Tonic 125ml

  • Invigorating hair tonic with cooling menthol
  • Reduces oiliness, and provides a clean and stylish finish

Shave Cream 200g

  • Creates a creamy lather that lubricates the skin for a smoother razor action
  • Coconut Oil moisturizes the skin, helping to prevent skin irritations and dry skin

Mixed Barber Brush

  • Combination of nylon and boar bristles
  • Stimulates the natural oils in the scalp to keep hair clean, healthy and shiny

Beard Oil 50ml

  • Full of natural oils and moisturizers for both your beard and skin
  • Tames your unruly dry beard

Shave Oil 30ml

  • Rich in natural oils for a smoother shave
  • Designed to lift hairs away from the face, providing a slick and slippery surface

Creme Brilliantine 100g

  • Create the traditional sophisticated and stylish slick look
  • With Beeswax for extra shine