WalkFit Unisex Orthotics Insoles - Blue

WalkFit orthotic insoles help to reduce pain in feet, knees, hips and back. Each pair of WalkFit insoles comes with 3 customizable arch inserts, low, medium, and high. WalkFit insoles are perfect for installing in all of your shoes or great as a gift to a friend or family member. You can greatly enhance the comfort and shock absorbing properties of your insoles with the WalkFit cushions. Use them while running, walking, or even standing, and you'll feel like you are walking on air! They easily fit right over your WalkFit insoles.

Features & Specifications:

  • 3 customizable arch inserts (low, medium, and high), as well as a 4th new REFLEXOLOGY acupressure massage insert.
  • Great for sneakers, dress shoes, boots, tennis shoes, flats, and more
  • Washable and Odour-Free
  • Customizable comfortable shoe Inserts specifically designed to act as a cushion as the foot strikes the ground while supporting the arches
  • Unique gel insole comfort technology added to our Bio-Lock heel cup
  • Special heel cup provides stability to your feet, reducing the risk of injury