Water Transfer Pump Petrol 16 Hp Engine 6 Inch High Flow 150,000L/Hr Heavy Duty

**This 6″ Water Transfer Pump is the biggest & most powerful model in the range. ;**Equipped with super powerful 16 HP engine and large 6" inlet, it has been designed for heavy duty use or industrial, farm jobs that requires ;outstanding performance.

  • It is powered by a reliable 16HP ;petrol engine and comes with electric start.
  • It has a massive flow rate of up to 2,500L/min, making it ideal for tough & fast water pumping duties. Irrigation, stock watering, site dewatering and tank or damn water transfer are all easily handled by this model.
  • Built to last, it comes with solid frame and the pump end is made from high quality, cast aluminium for durability.


Model: ATXQWPES106
Type: 6" Water Transfer Pump
Engine: 16HP
Starting sysem: electric start
Displacement: 459cc
Bore x stroke: 92x 69mm
Suction port dia: 150mm
Total head liftL 25m
MAX volume of flow: 150m3/h
Suction head: 8m
Suction time: 150sec
Rated speed: 3600r/min
Oil capacity: 1.1L
Fuel tank capacity: 30L
Packing dimensions: 720 x 545 x 580
Weight: 70kg.