Watteam Powerbeat Road G3 Dual Sided Power Meter

The next generation of Watteam’s flagship, pro-level, dual leg power meter. Including leg balance, torque efficiency, pedal smoothness, and cadence – now also supports CX, gravel, and any harsh outdoor conditions.

The POWERBEAT™ G3 Dual is a double-sided, feature-rich power meter that is simply mounted on each crank arm, allowing the cyclist to identify his weaknesses and consequently train to their ultimate potential.

Real Left & Right Power Measurement
The sensors attach independently to each crank arm. You receive actual (not estimated) left and right leg power metrics, which help in identifying weaknesses, correcting them, and training to your full potential.

Light Weight
The mechanical sensor and its processing Comp Unit weigh less than 35 grams per side when attached to each of the crank arms.

Installation requires only basic technical skills. All the necessary tools are included in the box, with the exception of the Allen key or wrench necessary for removing the pedals. The downloadable app has clear instructional videos that will guide you every step of the way. The entire installation takes about 30 minutes, though the sensors need to dry for 24 hours after they're glued.

Low Maintenance
Everything from installation to calibration and firmware updates is done through the user-friendly app.

Weather Resistant
The device is durable enough to sustain dust and harsh weather conditions. It even has a built-in temperature compensation mechanism, so the power figures remain consistent regardless of the weather.

Rechargeable Battery
POWERBEAT™ sports the industry's first ecological battery. It comes equipped with a charger and the battery lasts about 60 hours. A notification is sent to the head unit when the battery runs low.

What’s in the box:
• POWERBEAT™ Dual (Comp Units and 2 Sensors)
• Gluing Kit
• Calibration Kit
• 1 x Charger + 1 x USB Cable