WEINMANN JOYCE Easy Full Face CPAP Mask - Medium

JOYCE is appropriate for every sleep apnea and ventilation patient.

The mask can be individually assembled, it provides a perfect fit.

Its special modular system allows almost all parts to be used for each mask in the JOYCE family.

The all-around movable ball-and-socket joint on the small and lightweight mask contributes to the mask‘s wearing comfort.

The very quiet JOYCE exhalation system is designed in such a way that neither the patient nor his sleeping partner is disturbed by the flow of exhaled air.

Full face mask covers mouth and nose. Full face CPAP masks prevents mouth air leakage, so a full face CPAP mask is the best option for proper treatment if you find that you breath though your mouth while sleeping.

The Velcro fasteners offer simple colour-coding for simplicity, and the headgear features a tube anchoring strap in case you want to have the tube exit above the patient’s head.

The Joyce range of products remains the only gel mask line with a ball-and-socket joint for the elbow – which prevents tugging and allows for movement.

Like other Joyce masks, this model offers interchangeability and adaptability, and its replaceable cushions that can be used across the whole product line.

Cushions are both replaceable and interchangeable with all cushion types across the range, making the Joyce product line one of the most flexible series available on the market.

While more intrusive than CPAP Nasal Masks because it covers the nose and mouth the CPAP full face mask provides a high level of treatment potential for some people.

Weinmann CPAP Full Face Mask was designed to minimise patient discomfort, as well as reduce instances of air leaks that can be caused while patients toss and turn in their sleep.

This is a high-grade, CPAP treatment mask that is both suitable for the home or a medical facility.

There are three available sizes: small, medium, and large.

Each size is designed for a different face size structure.