Whimzees Puppy Dental Care Dog Treat XS Small 30 Pack

These beneficial rewards are designed to help remove plaque and tartar buildup as your favorite furry friend chews to her hearts content. And since these are specially crafted just for puppies, they are softer than adult WHIMZEES Stix. They are 100% natural without GMO ingredients, and they are grain-free and gluten-free, so sensitive pups can enjoy them, too! These WHIMZEES are available in two shapes that your pup will love and two sizes, so you can find the best reward for your little sidekick.


WHIMZEES for puppies are soft and gentle on puppy teeth and help remove plaque and tartar
Contains calcium to help support your puppys growing teeth and bones
The texture helps to get into those smaller hard-to-reach places as your pup chews
100% natural recipe made with GMO-free ingredients
Grain-free and gluten-free for canine companions with allergies and dietary restrictions