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If you?ve had a long week, long day, or even a long hour you?ve earned yourself a reward in the fashion of a soothing drink poured elegantly from this Maison & White Whiskey Decanter. The moments of relaxation are the moments to savour so go on and enjoy them in style as you indulge your favourite drink, whether that be whiskey, gin or whatever else, from this stylish decanter. Add class and sophistication to your drinks cabinet; the traditional nachtmann styling of this cut glass decanter styling oozes finesse and style.


This Maison & White Whiskey Decanter is perfect for any lover of fine drinks, whether you?re using the decanter to pour your whiskey or bourbon or if it?s on display to add some elegance to your drinks cabinet. Enjoy a wondrous experience by pouring your drink in style; sitting back and enjoying the joyous adventure that you will want to revisit time & time again.


Nobody wants their alcoholic drink or spirit to become a victim of losing its exquisite taste. This Maison & White Whiskey Decanter comes with a silicone-sealed lid to create an airtight lock, so no oxygen can ruin the taste of your best liqueur or spirit. No matter what alcohol you are storing in this debonair decanter, optimize the freshness and taste by placing the lid back onto the top of the decanter after every time it is removed and make every sip feel just like the first.


Every one is a custom to their own tastes and we know whiskey isn't for everyone. The Maison & White Whiskey Decanter is not only great for whiskey but is also fantastic for a wide variety of drinks. From gin to brandy or to even soft beverages like sweet fruit juice on a hot summer day. You can enjoy these astonishing decanter, whatever your taste buds crave.

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Whiskey Decanter | M&W


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Marketplace - Est. delivery between Mon 16 Aug - Thu 19 Aug
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