White Magic Sponge

Amongst many other things, you can remove scuff marks, baked on food residue, built up grime and tough soap scum with the White Magic Sponge. Suitable for use on any non-porous, smooth surface, this micro fine sponge can be cut to any size and with only a little added water will clean and polish out even the toughest build up. This white magic happens with just a little water saving you money on cleaning products while helping the environment.

Check out the White Magic range and adopt eco friendly practices, using White Magic in every room of the house, office, on the car and even your with precious pets.

About White Magic

Pioneers in the field of microfibre cleaning products, White Magic were the first to launch the microfibre sponge into the Australian market, in 2001. In the ensuing years they have become the market leader in Australia and New Zealand with their extensive range of sponges, cloths and mops. With a sol

Construction: Ultra fine fibres
Dimensions: 11 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm
Features: May be cut to sizeUse on all smooth and non-porous surfaces Chemical-free cleaningRe-cycled packagingRe-usable
Cleaning/Care: Machine washable
Made in: China