White Magic Washing Up Pad Midnight

For easy cleaning with no chemicals, try the White Magic Washing Up Pad Midnight. This eco cloth features two sides for different purposes. The smooth wiping side cleans up loosened dirt leaving no residue behind, while the scrubbing side will cut through stubborn good residue and burnt in grime. The White Magic Washing Up Pad Midnight is the ultimate washing up tool needing no to little detergent and can be washed hundreds of times for continuous use. The White Magic Washing Up Pad is available in a variety of colours.

Double sided washing up brush for scrubbing and wipingScrubbing side that cuts through stubborn burnt in messFlat side great at wiping down surfacesWashable hundreds of timesCan be used without detergentsAvailable in a variety of colours



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24 February 2019


21 April 2020

Great for all around the home

18 April 2020

Great thanks

31 October 2019

Loving these!

29 October 2019

Love it!