Wilton Cake Release

Wilton's Cake Release eliminates the greasing and flouring of baking pans. Simply spread a thin coating on the pan's bottom and sides prior to filling with batter. Cakes release every time and the resulting smooth surface is ideal for decorating. There's enough Cake Release for 17 pans in the convenient dispensing bottle. The product comes in especially handy when using one of Wilton's character or shaped pans.

Through great baking, Wilton has been helping families celebrate milestone moments and holidays for 80 years. They have been the industry leader in quality bakeware and other such cake-decorating and food-crafting supplies, allowing you to serve something special and express your unique style. Whether you're creating cakes, cookies, cupcakes or candies, Wilton can help make your event or any day all the more wonderful.

Weight: 226 g
Features: Enough to prepare up to 17 pans