WINMAU PRO SFB Bristle Dart Board Set - Solid Wood Black Cabinet - 6 x Darts

Winmau PRO SFB Dart Board Set


Winmau PRO SFB Dart Board

Dart Cabinet

Games of darts Booklet & Checkout table

2 x Sets of Darts


Features: Clipped 11 wire fasteners. Anti-Glare number ring.

CNC precision-manufactured staple-free bulls-eye.

High-tensile wire & consistent construction

super dense sisal base for maximum play ability,

performance & ultimate durability.

Specifications - 18"(45.7cm) in Diameter x 1 1/2"(3.8cm) Thick


Formula Cabinet Solid Wood with felt backing,

Black colour

Closed Cabinet Measures: 645mm high x 580mm wide,

Open Cabinet Measures 645mm high x 1015mm wide.