Wireless Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Free App for Ios and Android Devices Smart Body Analyzer 180Kg/400Lbs


Bluetooth Scale

  • Very large blue oval backlit LCD screen shows all the measuring data.
  • Nice-sized weighing platform, constructed by hard tempered glass, is comfortable for your feet.
  • ITO layer & 1.6mm tempered glass construct its platform, which offers an elegant appearance of larger electrode contact surface and higher sensitivity.
  • 4 ultra-precision strain gauge sensors in the corners assure its high precise of up to 99%.
  • The free app works on your IPhone 4S, IPad 3, IPad Mini or higher, also works on Android 4.3 or higher via Bluetooth.
  • Measure 8 parameters: weight, fat, body water, bone mass, muscles mass, visceral fat, BMI, and BMR.
  • Measure range up to 400lb/180kg in a very high precise of 0.2lb/0.1kg scale division.
  • Powered by AA alkaline batteries (Included). Auto-Off, Auto-Zero, Smart step-on technology and auto shutdown. Low Battery and Overload Indication.

“iWellness” APP

  • Keeps track of the 8 parameters, weight, fat, body water, bone mass, muscles mass, visceral fat, BMI, and BMR, as well as forming a weight changing graph.
  • Max support 10 separate user groups and smart recognition.
  • Data can be read by your IPhone “Health” APP once authorized.
  • Keep your data private or share them on Facebook, twitter or other social networks both are good choice.
  • Support devices of Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: ITO conductive film & 1.6mm tempered glass
  • Production dimensions: (12.8x 12.8x 0.8)""/(32.4x 32.4x 2.0)cm
  • Measuring parameters:Weight, fat, body water, bone mass, muscles mass, visceral fat, BMI and BMR.
  • Display : Very large oval blue backlit LCD screen
  • Age range: 10-99 years
  • Height range: 3'3""-8'4""/ 100-255cmWeight unit: lb/kg
  • Weight range: 11-400lb/5-180Kg
  • Scale wakeup weight: 11lb/5kg
  • Scale division: 0.2lb/0.1kg
  • Precision: 0.2lb/0.1kg
  • Power: DC 6V (4 AA alkaline batteries included)
  • Athlete level: ordinary, amateur and professional


1. for accurate measurement, please set the correct personal information including your gender, birthday, height and athlete level on the “iWellness” APP.
2. While there isn't technically a minimum weight, you will need at least 15 or so pounds to wake the scale up.
3. Make sure to place the scale on a flat and solid surface such as hardwood or ceramic tile flooring. Soft surfaces like carpets and rugs are not advised.
4. Make sure your feet are dry before stepping on the scale. Step on the scale in bare feet to measure BMI.
5. Before every serious measurement, you’d better wait the scale to Auto-Zero, or your weight will inaccurate.
6. Kids under 1m and pregnant, we suggest just measuring weight, no more other data.
7. This scale should be used with caution by people with cardiac pacemaker, for there is a small electrical current passes through the body, which is harmless to normal people.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Excelvan Bluetooth BIA Scale
  • 4 x AA alkaline batteries
  • 1 x User Manual