Wise Elk - Mini-bricks constructor set West Tower

Mini-bricks constructor set "West tower". A Medieval style tower that has beautiful, natural colours.

  • The details of the model easily join together with glue.
  • Leave it for 1-2 hours so that the design can solidify.
  • The manufacturing and binding of the model makes it durable.
  • To dismantle the building, just leave it in water for 10-30 minutes, after the glue is washed off and the bricks dry, you can build something new, using your own imagination.
  • Develop motor skills of hands;Spatial reasoning and logic; Attentiveness and accuracy.
  • This unusual toy will help the kids realize their creative potential. Build your own old city! Spend family time building the whole world together!
  • Content 400 PCS.
  • For children 5+ to Adult.