Wish On A Wishbone Necklace & Earrings Set

Traditionally, to 'wish on a wishbone' is make a wish while stroking the furcula (commonly known as a wishbone) taken from a bird such as a chicken or turkey. This is a tradition which can be traced back over one thousand years, and while in more recent memory, the procedure to wish on a wishbone is wrap your pinkie around one tip with another person and pull while making a private wish; who ever gets the bigger piece will get their wish granted.

While this may be a fun tradition to enjoy during the festive holidays, there is a better way to enjoy the tradition and meaning behind wishing on a wishbone.

The Wish on a Wishbone Necklace & Earrings Set is the perfect substitute to a real wishbone.

The necklace features a pendant shaped exactly like a wishbone, made with zinc alloy and coated in thick layers of silver or gold plating (your choice) for better shine and durability.

The pendant dangles effortlessly on a chain necklace forming an elegant shape reminiscent of an 'upside-down Y'.

Matching stud earrings accentuate the theme of this Wishbone Set, and add to the wish granting power of the wishbone tradition.


  • Pendant size: 2 CM x 1 CM
  • Necklace length: 40 CM + 5 CM extendible chain
  • Earrings size: 2 CM x 1 CM
  • Materials: Zinc alloy with Silver or Gold plating