Wonder Woman Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt

Made from 100% cotton, this toddler-sized t-shirt for kids features the simulated, costumed torso of Wonder Woman; Amazonian dignitary and all around nice gal! Check out the printed, costume likenesses! It's the Wonder Woman symbol! It's the Wonder Woman belt and star spangled trunks! Now...turn it around for the big show....That's right, it's a cape! It's light blue and adorned with white stripes filled with red stars! Oh, and the cape clings to the back of the t-shirt with 2 velcro tabs. That means...it's detachable! Your little girl grabbing Dough Bear, tossing him over the Rainbow Bright Bed Rail and screaming something like, "Curse you Medusa and your sisters of the Stygian Pits?" Something like that? Good. Maybe you get her this costume t-shirt. Maybe you make things...more interesting.